Sample Ballot & other election information

The Yates County Board of Elections received over 2000 applications for Absentee Ballots. If you applied for a ballot, and have not received one, it should be coming soon. If you have any questions for the Board of Elections phone them at 315-536-5135. 

Below is a sample ballot for Yates County EXCEPT for the Town of Jerusalem, which has a Special Town Council Race.  If you would like to see the Jerusalem ballot,  click here.

The top page shows the front of the ballot. 

The bottom page shows the back of the ballot, which contains  the Yates County’s two propositions.

Proposition #1—The Yates County Legislature is proposing changing the terms of the Legislators from two years to four years.  The YCDC is AGAINST this proposal. As Legislator James Multer pointed out: This proposal will not save the County any money; it will not benefit Yates County residents; it only benefits the Legislators. By changing the terms from two to four years  the Legislators  are being less responsive to the will of the voters. It is a form of voter suppression. The New York State Assembly, Senate, and the House of Representatives all have two year terms, and all their members are up for election every two years. The YCDC urge you to vote NO.

Proposition #2— Citing new Federal and State programs, the legislature is requesting to consider a change from an elected Treasurer position to a combination of Treasurer (with diminished responsibilities) and a full-time Director of Finance for the term beginning January 1, 2022. There’s two ways to get more information about this proposal: 
1) Here is a link to the minutes of the Special Legislative Session where this Proposal was discussed.
2) Yates County Administrator Nonie Flynn will attend the next Yates County Democratic Committee meeting (Sat October 10 @ 10 am) via ZOOM to discuss this proposition. She will be answering questions about it. We are opening the meeting up for ANYONE who would like to attend. Please consider attending.

Early Voting Days and Times

Saturday, October 24 to Sunday, November 1

Saturdays and Sundays 9 am to 2 pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9 am to 5 pmTuesday & Thursday 9 am to 8 pm

Yates County Office Building, 417 Liberty Street, Penn Yan

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