Not sure who to support in 2020? There’s a tool for that

There are a lot of candidates to choose from in the Democratic field going into the 2020 presidential primary season. While almost any one of them would be a major improvement over the incumbent POTUS, it can be hard to narrow down the field at this stage to pick two or three favorites. At the same time, this shouldn’t be a popularity contest, or based on who flashes the brightest smile–at this stage, we should be looking for the candidates whose policies and values most closely align with our own. But with a wide spectrum of issues up for debate, it can be hard to keep up with each candidate’s array of proposals.

Luckily, the renowned news and analysis website Politico has just the thing! On their “Issues” page, you can track each Democratic candidate’s position on every pressing topic from criminal justice to energy, from gun control to trade. Broken down into sub-topics and updated regularly, with graphics grouping candidates together according to similarity of view, this is the perfect tool to cut through the noise and find the potential president who speaks for you.

Take a look for yourself here and prep for the New York primary. Just remember, come 2020, it’ll be time to vote blue no matter who, right?

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