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Candidate Leslie Danks Burke has been good enough to share links to some of the coverage she’s been getting in the local press. Read on for a blow-by-blow on what’s been going on in her campaign for state senator for the 58th district!

Live Events Coverage:

Finger Lakes Daily News: AFL-CIO backs Danks Burke

“Even during this pandemic, workers are suffering, the very few at the tippity-top are getting wealthier, and powerful corporate interests are putting their profits ahead of workers and their families. It’s powerful that now — even with thousands out of work, community hospitals strapped, families breaking under the strain of monthly bills —  millions of women and men in affiliated unions across the state are standing shoulder-to-shoulder to lift workers out of the dark times we’re in. While too many politicians roll over for the wealthy and well-connected, we need a Senator here who fights for the rest of us.  I’ll always stand up for working people, and it is a tremendous honor to  stand with the AFL-CIO to win this race.”

WENY: Danks Burke and Mitrano Hold Joint Press Conference on Conservation Concerns

“Senator O’Mara has a clear pattern of putting the interests of the polluting corporations who pay his law firm ahead of the health and safety of our families, our farmers, and our tourism sector. For the health of our children and most vulnerable neighbors, for the conservation of our beautiful region, and for the sustainability of our local economy, things have to change. There’s too much at stake.” Read my full remarks, or watch them here.

The Ithaca Voice: Danks Burke holds sold-out drive-in fundraiser

Our event shows we can have fun, celebrate the talent in our community, and raise our voice together even when we’re staying distanced. The artists who created this funny and mighty film, and every local business we hired to bring their talent to the event shows how much we can achieve as a community, and I am truly grateful. We sold out to 85 vehicles, everything from convertibles and minivans to pickups with lawn chairs set up in the truck bed, and everyone had a great time. Having fun may be difficult in these times, but is especially important.”

In Print: 

Elmira Star-Gazette: O’Mara has helped his polluting clients 

Column by former County Legislator Ruth Young in Sunday’s Star-Gazette. “Why give Senator O’Mara power if he’s using it to protect his paying clients over the health of his constituents? We’ve seen enough greedy politician narratives in the movies, we don’t need them in real life.”

Press Release: Leslie Danks Burke Blasts Assembly Leadership for Covering Up Investigation of Misconduct in Albany 

“As a woman, as a Democrat, and as a voter who expects our government to be honest during an election, I am outraged by this. This is a cover-up followed by less than a slap on the wrist for a powerful politician who acted improperly and compromised an investigation into his misconduct. How are we-the-people supposed to accept the outcome of this investigation when witnesses were intimidated, and the Assemblymember was allowed to avoid any repercussions until after his election? It reeks of the worst kind of old-boys-club politics, and it’s why we need a change in Albany.”

The Odessa File: Seeking an Honest Assessment on Nursing Homes

Public health experts knew years ago that longstanding and widespread problems were likely to lead to rampant deaths in nursing homes. But the corrupt nexus of money and politics influence whether politicians choose to act. Our state and federal leaders, and the regulators they appoint, ignored violations and warning signs staring us in the face. Nursing home owners cashed in on their political contributions, and vulnerable seniors died.

Press Release: As State Legislature Closes Session, 58th District Senator Tom O’Mara Achieves No Goals

“Months ago, I called out Senator O’Mara for putting only two things on his to-do list when so many are struggling. The continually rising death toll in nursing homes and the thousands of Southern Tier and Finger Lakes residents who became unemployed under Senator O’Mara’s watch are tragedies that demand real attention. We all know we need an independent investigation, we all know we need unemployment fixed. The question is, why hasn’t he delivered on either of these issues?”

Press Release: Stark Differences Between Danks Burke and O’Mara Fundraising in Latest Campaign Filings

The Odessa File: Child care crisis: We are letting down working parents and our children 

We solved this problem in a hurry once before: During World War II, American mothers flocked into the workforce and child care became a national emergency. The federal government made child care a priority and almost 600,000 children attended subsidized federal child care centers. Then, Congress stopped the program when the war ended. What would work look like for today’s parents if the government continued to recognize the essential role child care plays in workforce development? It is time we found out.

WLEA: NYSUT Endorses Leslie Danks Burke

“I’m the product of public school all my life, from kindergarten through college, my mom was a middle school teacher and union member, and my husband and I are proud parents of two children in public school today. I’m deeply aware that education for every child is vital to success in our region, state, and nation, and I’m honored to fight alongside the teachers and service professionals in NYSUT to protect our children’s future.”

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