Leslie Danks Burke on our Region’s Lifeblood: Water

Leslie Danks Burke, candidate for New York’s 58th legislative district, penned a column in a recent edition of the Odessa File on the element that binds and enriches our region, and some of the challenges that threaten it.

Finger Lakes kids are water kids, and mine have never met a puddle they didn’t want to splash in, a waterfall they didn’t want to feel roaring over their head, a swimming hole they didn’t want to sink into on a sweltering afternoon. One of their persistent questions while Coronarvirus kept us home this spring, was whether it would abate in time to jump in the lakes.

In a world with a perfectly balanced ecosystem, we wouldn’t have to worry about water quality. Instead, we have an obligation to preserve our waterways, and we can all do our part. We can think about the effects lawn pesticides and fertilizers have on water quality, when rain pushes harmful chemicals directly into our water systems. We can maintain our septic system if we have one. We can ask our city, town, county, state, and federal representatives where they stand on funding municipal sewage systems. Everyone eats, so we need farmers, and we can help our farmers take the long road to sustainability with funds to implement best management practices to minimize nutrient runoff and soil erosion. The Finger Lakes Land Trust’s new 5-Point Initiative to Protect Water is a good place to start.


Read the whole thing at the link above. And consider contributing to Leslie’s campaign here.

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