Yates County 2019

Many positions are up for election in Yates County and its towns. Here is list of the Democratic candidates by position.

There will be no Democratic primary contested on June 25, 2019.


Coroner: Kathy McGrath

Legislative District I (Italy, Jerusalem, Middlesex): K. Dixon Zorovich

Legislative District II (Benton, Potter, Torrey): Peggy Focarino

Legislative District III (Milo):

Valerie Brechko

Teresa Hoban

Town of Benton

Town Council:

Bill Roege

Town of Jerusalem

Town Supervisor:

K. Dixon Zorovich

Town of Milo

Town Council:

Valerie Brechko

Mildred Phillips-Espana

Town of Starkey

Town Council:

Jeremy Hall

Town of Torrey

Town Council:

Larry Martin

Peter Martini