The Yates County Democrats need YOU to help us serve all Yates County residents!  Get in touch for more information on how you can connect.

Three ways to vote: By Mail, Early Voting (Oct 24 - Nov 1), or Election Day Nov 3. The Yates County Board of Election will be mailing an Absentee Ballot Applications in Early September. Look for more information.

Virtual Summer/Fall Fundraiser Appeal

As we honor the health recommendations imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the in person summer picnic and fall dinner fundraisers will be cancelled.  The disappointment felt in missing out on the fellowship of getting together with fellow Democrats is keen, however it is vital that we remain vigilant and work together to advance our shared values.

2020 is a critical year and we have plenty of work ahead of us and we need your valued support.

Please Give

Last year, our generous members and supporters donated nearly $8,000 to YCDC, which is used to support Democratic candidates running for federal, state, and local office, registering and encouraging people to vote, and maintaining a campaign headquarters on Main Street in Penn Yan.  We implore you to contribute generously by check or via the donation button above.
Checks can be made out to YCDC (Yates County Democratic Committee) and sent to Democratic Committee Headquarters at 9 Main Street, Penn Yan, 14527.


Proposition #1—The Yates County Legislature is proposing changing the terms of the Legislators from two years to four years. The YCDC is AGAINST this proposal. As Legislator James Multer pointed out: This proposal will not save the County any money; it will not benefit Yates County residents; it only benefits the Legislators. By changing the terms from two to four years the Legislators are being less responsive to the will of the voters. It is a form of voter suppression. The New York State Assembly, Senate, and the House of Representatives all have two year terms, and all their members are up for election every two years. The YCDC urge you to vote NO.

Proposition #2— Citing new Federal and State programs, the legislature is requesting to change from an elected Treasurer position to a combination of Treasurer (with diminished responsibilities) and a full-time Director of Finance for the term beginning January 1, 2022. Follow this link to read the minutes of the Special Legislative Session where this Proposal was discussed.


  • We need volunteers to write post cards to persuadable Yates County voters to urge them to vote for our candidates. The Yates County Democratic Committee will provide the post card, the postage, and sample post card comments approved by the candidates. Click here for more info: link


    • Writing letters to local newspapers is a great way to promote Tracy, Leslie and their races. Click here for more info and recommended guidelines: link

Where do the candidates stand?

Click here for Politico's comprehensive guide to the Democratic presidential candidates' stances on the major issues.

New fall hours for the Democratic HQ!


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